School Principal Message

Mr. Mohit Gupta

In today’s fast changing world, expectations from us are more. Grooming the future of country lies on us. Nothing is impossible & in order to do justice to our venture we need to discipline the young minds sitting in our class rooms.
Discipline according to me enlightens the mind with useful knowledge & it has to be from within i.e self discipline. We the teachers can do a lot, for values are never taught they are caught. Let us be the role model for our students. Our punctuality, sincerity & dedication can definitely motivate & inspire our students to imbibe these values. We can not get others to do what we ourselves can not do. First we will have to be disciplined by discharging all our duties on time& by being punctual.
I want all of us to join hands to discipline our students by teaching them to move in lines while going for assembly prayer, games period, labs, library, music or computer room that too without causing any disturbance. Habit of loitering around can be easily stopped if all with a sense of responsibility remain vigil and alert. Let keeping the school campus and surroundings neat and clean are a part of our mission to ensure discipline in the school. The children must be gently but firmly taught to make use of dustbins. Use of polite language, respect to each other and not indulging in any form of fights, quarrels or any other form of violence should be on their agenda as a part of discipline. These seemingly small little matters can go a long way to succeed in our mission. Though difficult yet I feel discipline is like a bitter pill whose reward is always sweet.
Hope to seek cooperation from all of you.
My first priority would be to bring considerable important in the conduct of morning assembly for prayer is considered to be the health of mind.
Prayer is the preface to the whole days functioning of the school. I want my teachers to assist me to accomplish this task. The moment we enter the gates of Vidyalaya we are on duty. Let us teach our students to reach the assembly ground in proper lines. Let us train them to stand in straight lines let they not get an opportunity to indulge in frivolous talks. Let them understand the power of prayer for earnest prayer is never lost. Let them realize the sanctity of prayer and feel the serenity of morning.
Conduct of morning assembly in desired way will be our first step towards success in ensuring discipline in our school. Second big achievement would be of instilling confidence in our students by using morning assembly as a platform to come ahead and gain confidence by giving them ample opportunity to tap their oratorical skills.
Our combined efforts can yield the desired result.